Ric Vega

Corvallis Little League

I was only able to catch part of the first inning for the Angels vs Yankees game yesterday. I tried for some panning shots and longer shutter speeds that would show motion.

Procession of the Species

Had a great day walking with the procession of the species event in Corvallis today. I posted a gallery full of images. I also shot some video that I will be posting soon. Enjoy

Charlemagne Pl Townhouse

Wonderful townhouse coming soon. This was a great exercise shooting a townhouse with great windows and a view. I will try to show you the wonderful spaces and give you the feel of being there with that great view.

3075 NW Christine St

Unique floodplain and a stunning view. Watch for a full series posted on bringacamera.com by tomorrow.

Great Start

Nothing like having a coffee next to someone you love…

Lunchtime at Ashbrook Independent School

Today I got a chance to photograph the lunchtime process at Ashbrook. I think the lunch selection at this school is truly superior. The very best in locally grown products all prepared on site. Wonderful.

Photography in the mist

Oregon sure offers a RE photographer a challenge. There is no waiting around for the sun. We will have to make up for it with lights and post processing. Coming soon 5243 SW Rose Pl Corvallis